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  • Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


Swarm-based optimization techniques

Swarm computing

Stochastic diffusion search

Swarm robotics

Artificial life


Cognitive science

Social evolution

Optimization theories and methods

Immune system theory

Evolutionary computation

Grammatical evolution

Natural computing theories

Simulation and emulation of nature

Collective/Social intelligence

Social intelligence

Social computing

Therapeutic strategies



PSO algorithms

ACO algorithms

FSS algorithms

Bees algorithms

ABC algorithms

Cultural/Social algorithms

Genetic algorithms

Differential evolution

Fireworks algorithms

Memetic algorithms

Bio-inspired algorithms

Evolutionary programming

Evolutionary strategy

Brain storm optimization algorithm

Grammatical evolution

Evolutionary learning systems

Parallelization of swarm-based algorithms

Nature-inspired algorithms

Other swarm-based algorithms



Computational swarm models

Multi-agent based complex systems

Artificial immune system

Evolutionary intelligent agents

Analytic models of emergent behaviors

Evolving fuzzy system

Evolving neural networks

Bio-inspired computing models

Socio-inspired computing models

Routing and scheduling

Multi-objective optimization

Constrained environment

Information system

Combinatorial optimization models

Function optimization

Neural information system




Active learning

Deep learning

Data mining

Big Data

Online & Self-adaptation

Automatic control

Intelligent traffic

Computational Biology

Web intelligence

Intelligent energy systems and networks

Information security

Signal & Image processing

Pattern recognition

Virtual reality

2D or 3D virtual swarms

Video surveillance

Telecommunications systems

Socio-technical systems

Cybernetics and self-organization

Natural language processing

Other swarm intelligence related applications


Emerging Areas

Molecular computing

DNA computing

Quantum computing

Granularity computing

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Important Dates


  • Paper Submission (Full Paper):2017-03-10
  • Notification of Acceptance: 2017-03-31
  • Authors Registration deadline:2017-04-15
  • Conference Dates:2017-07-27~08-01





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    • Scarlett
      • Email:


  • Telephone:+86-27-88875258